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Businesses today are transforming and seeking new ways to deliver value from IT. This is placing new demands on enterprise IT infrastructure. Private Cloud, big data and analytics aren’t simply remaking computing, they are remaking business and helping to revolutionize the way that IT is created and consumed. With Power 8 systems, flash technology, private cloud,  medical grade computers, isolation transformers and more we have the solutions to solve these new demands.


Providing capability, security and availability in a new way

IBM® Power Systems™ offer an IT platform with the first processor designed for big data. Its open architecture offers efficiency and superior cloud economics, and is continuously infused with innovation from its open server ecosystem. Power servers offer an ideal architecture to deliver superior security and a stronger customer experience against your competition. With an integrated set of resources that are always available and comprehensive data management capabilities, Power servers can align your technology to your business demands, uncover new value in your data to drive innovation, and securely and efficiently deliver business services to help reduce cost. 


For more information on IBM Power Systems

For a video presentation on Power 8


   - 5:1 Real Time Data Compression

   - V7 Software

   - Fastest Technology Available

   - Works with ALL 3rd Party Storage 

With a new class of deeply integrated software defined storage solutions enabled with the fastest technology available (1.2 million IOPS) and 5:1 real time data compression you can increase efficiency and performance simultaneously with IBM Flash Systems.  Equipped with end-to-end, tightly integrated functionality and super-fast flash technology, products like the V840 are empowering business to do what once seemed nearly impossible : leverage the efficiency of SDS and the speed of flash storage all at once. 

For more information on IBM Flash V840

For a video presentation on Flash One by IBM

For a video CIty Of Hopes Deployment of Private Cloud, Flash & Power Solutions by IBM


Cybermed H24
CyberMed C22
CyberMed N19
CyberMed T10
CyberMed H6
CyberMed MP15T
Onyx Zeus 19, 20, 22 & 24" Stations
Onyx 22″ Portable Medical Computer
18.5″ Bedside Touchscreen Monitor
18.5″ Slim Water Proof Display
Tripp-Lite SMX1200XLHG UPS System
Tripp-Lite PS-615 Hospital grade
Tripp-Lite PS-415HG Ultra
Tripp-Lite PS-415 Hospital grade
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