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Our mission is simple. We want to provide you with the best solutions that meet your needs, your time frame and your budget. We bring together a wide variety of solutions and vendors to do exactly that. From mounting or mobility solutions for your computers, pharmacy transports between floors, patient identification and barcoding solutions or equipment to assist in functionality or infection control - We have the solution to meet your needs!


We offer quality ergonomic mounting products for every area of your facility. Designed specifically to expand the reach of care, our solutions can work in any space and enhance the workflow of your facility. Ranging from mobile technology carts to wall mounted computer stations we can improve worker comfort, reduce injuries and boost productivity through our various solutions as well as custom solutions you can't find elsewhere. 


In today’s healthcare facilities, access to patient information at the point of care is vital – allowing healthcare professionals to work more efficiently and effectively.  We have various solutions in patient identification, scanners, and printers to meet the needs of your facility. We also have a vast line of medical grade computers, power solutions, surge protection, antimicrobial keyboards and mice allow you to meet the ongoing needs. 


The advancement of medical technology has brought forth newer, more cost effective and fully functional devices. Basic full parameter patient monitors have become the standard in most patient rooms. Having the ability to interface these products in to your electronic medical records or hospital information system allows for accurate diagnostic information to be quickly accessed by your healthcare providers. We offer a wide variety of products to address those needs as well as helping in the prevention of infection control. 

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